– explaining the purpose of this website

This website demonstrates and emulates the content of a CD-ROM that contains a set of educational slide shows on citrus production, protection and certification generously prepared by Chester Roistacher and colleagues.


During the last 5 years, Chet Roistacher has been assembling knowledge about citrus production, protection and plant health certification in EcoPort. Using the EcoPort SlideShow mechanism, which works somewhat like a webpage equivalent of presentation software such as PowerPoint, Chet has collated and distilled much of his life's work on citrus plant health certification and made it available for public use in EcoPort.

Off-line versus on-line use of Chet's information

While the slide shows inside EcoPort have enabled Chet and others to make many educational presentations directly from the Internet, many farmers, students and research workers have requested access to an information product that does not depend on having Internet access. This website emulates such a static version of all of Chet's citrus slides shows as there are accessible in EcoPort. Its purpose is only to illustrate how the CD_ROM product will work and it is not intended to replace the dynamic, multi dimensional slide sets in the larger EcoPort environment. Accordingly, the static HTML information assembled and presented here, does not have active hypertext links to other, ancillary information and resources as do the slide shows when they are viewed and used on-line.

For information on accessing slide-shows in EcoPort, please click here.