– use and limitations of this website

This information presentation system arranges and presents its content in two windows opened by Internet browser applications like Internet Explorer, Netscape or Safari.

The main window wherein you are reading this text has a few tab items on this page that contain various 'housekeeping' information that gives you an overview of the environment. In the left-hand frame of this window, you will find a list of navigation functions that serve as the launch pad that gives you access to the various slide shows in either English or French (few only).

The slide shows are grouped into several categories. To see a list within a category, click on the category label. When you do so, you will see an expanded list of slide show titles offered for your consideration and viewing. If you want to collapse the list, click on the category heading again.

To view a particular slide show, click on its title when it is visible in the expanded list within a category. When you do, the slide show of your choice will open in a new window where the slide show will work as it does in EcoPort, but without active links. You will now have two active windows open that you may arrange on your screen at your convenience; perhaps tiling them in an convenient overlapping arrangement to allow you to flip between windows.

Remember to close the slide viewer window before you select another slide to view from the navigation window. If you don't, you will end up with many confusing windows since each new selection of a slide show opens its own window.

If you have an Internet connection and want to go online, click here to see and use the dynamic slides shows in EcoPort. Contact Chet Roistacher if you want to request a copy of the CD-ROM and if you have technical content, suggestions, information and pictures to share.